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New Skates Checklist

A lot of new bladers ask "what items do I need to be completely ready to roll my first time?"  You can start small, or you can go big.  Below is our comprehensive list of all of the items you'll want to consider having before you hit the park or streets. 

Skates: each skate will generally have the following parts:

The Boot: The following components, when combined, form a "boot only" and would require a frame, wheels and bearings to be a "complete skate."

Under the BootThere are a variety of companies that produce only frames and/or wheels, making the customization possibilities nearly endless. 

Everywhere and nowhere at once: While new parts generally come with all of the right hardware, you may want to customize cuff bolts, or find yourself needing to replace a stripped axle.

Most people either buy a complete skate that is ready to roll out of the box or they buy a "boot only" and then select the frame, wheels and bearings that best fit their needs.

Protective gear: if you're wanting to avoid after-session pains or wanting to skate in a location that has safety equipment requirements, then consider:

Lookin' the Part gear: give people something to compliment!

Of course, you'll find everything on the list above at Oak City Inline Skate Shop, but you'll also find other gems including books, movies, anti-bacterial sprays, bearing cleaner and so much more!