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About Us

Hello!  We love meeting new bladers!  

We have over 20 years of inline skating passion and experience, which we use to give you some of the best information and customer service possible!  We want you to be happy with your order, and have no problem going above and beyond to make it happen.  Order by 3:45pm est. and your order typically goes out the same day!  We offer many different shipping options and would love to give you a great deal! 

If you haven't met us yet, Long (in the photo; @long_ton_that) is our Skate Expert and wife Stephanie (behind camera) is our Everything Else.  We are a Mom and Pop shop, meaning we are a small, family-owned business.  We don't have employees, and we do work (at least some) every single day.   We stick to the one niche in skating that we truly love and know the most, inline skating.  

Please feel free to contact us via social media, this site, email us at or call us at 919-834-2221.  We appreciate your support of a small business and look forward to serving you!  Thank you!

P.S. We are constantly working on our site and appreciate our customers' input.  If you see things that don't work, or just look wrong (or you have a suggestion for a better way), please let us know by emailing us.  Our tech skills are limited but we will do anything we can to make our site better!