Heat Molding MyFit Liners

Heat Molding, or Heat Moulding, is the process of heating a liner to the point it can be shaped for the best fit possible.

Powerslide's Sam Crofts shows you how to heat mold your MyFit SPC liners correctly.

"The MYFIT SPC liner is a masterpiece. It is developed for skaters that look for the very best performance and comfort. The wide 45° flex cut of the liner offers a lot of freedom for movement so perfect for urban, aggressive and freeskating. Thanks to a 4-way stretchable toe box, the liner fits 2 sizes at once, adjusting better to the contours of your foot and allowing you to downsize if necessary. The top lacing of the SPC liner adds extra stability and heel lock for maximum control and performance. The lace loops on the liner give two options – to lace just the liner or to connect shell and liner to improve the heel lock. The MYFIT SPC material is a “super-foam”, casted polyurethane that will never break down and keeps all its features for years. SPC super-foam absorbs shocks, gives extra cushioning, controls impact and is really comfortable while providing maximum and direct power transfer. The SPC liner is fully heat moldable - it will mold on the exterior to suit your skate as well as internally to perfectly wrap around all the contours of your feet utilizing the CFF (Custom Fit Foam) to its fullest. Like other liners, the MYFIT SPC liner carries all the usual specs like anatomical ankle padding, and a well-defined Achilles padding to give the perfect heel lock and eliminate any movement. The liner includes the MYFIT skate sole for extra support and control."

Preparation of the foot for the heatmoulding of the MY FIT thermo liner:

  1. "Place the rubber toe cap on the customers foot. If needed add on some foam materials to pressure sensitive points like ankle, tendon and front foot.
  2. Pre-heat the oven at 70°-80°C (80°-90°C for the Star Liner), take the innersole out of the MY FIT thermo liner and put it in the centre of the oven - ATTENTION: make sure there is some distance between the liner and the oven walls and/or the heating source.
  3. Leave the MY FIT thermo liners 5-7minutes inside the oven and then take them out. On the picture you can see the liner after it was taken out of the oven, it is deformed completely.
  4. Put the innersole back into the MY FIT thermo liners, step in and roll the MY FIT compression sock over the liner. Step into your skate skate or other sport equipment and firmly close the skates or boots as you usually do, when you practice your beloved sport.
  5. Go into the optimal position needed for the exercise of your sport – for example in inline skating: knees bend over the toe - and maintain this position until the liner has completely cooled down. We suggest you to sit down during this process, as it will take several minutes.
  6. THE RESULT: the perfect liner, that fits 100% to the anatomy of the foot. Note the distinct narrow shape of the liner, which perfectly wraps around the foot.
  7. 100% performance | 100% fit | 100% comfort | 100% fun
  8. If desired, a full custom innersole could be produced through a vacuum process. This can even add superior heel lock and ankle comfort.
  9. The heat moulding process can be repeated as many times as desired."

Although most people have access to an oven, Powerslide has also given us a way to heat mold Vi liners using a hair dryer:

Items: Powerslide VI skates and a hair dryer, minimum 1500 W strong.

"To improve and perfect the comfort and fit of your Vi skates, every skate comes with a heat mouldable Vi MY Fit liner. The heat mouldable foam in the liner can be adjusted to your personal foot shape, forming the liner so it fits like a second skin. To heat mould your Vi MY Fit liner, simply remove the liner from the Vi skate and take out the innersole. Next put the hair dryer inside the liner (not too deep, so it still gets air and will not overheat). Put the hairdryer on full temperature and full speed and it should take around 5 to 7 minutes to warm up one liner and then the moulding can begin. Put the innersole back in and place your feet inside the warm Vi liner, put the heat moulding sock or any normal sock over the liner and put it back into the skate. Lace them up as tight as possible. Make sure to use all parts of the closure system: the buckle and the Atop clap snap wrap 360° closing system. Now you must stand in your Vi skates in the skating position, and wait until the liner cools down. The result will be a perfectly fitting liner and an extremely comfortable skating experience. If needed this process may be repeated."