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Details for Delayed Shipping Coupons

Why are some shipments delayed? 
There are so many inline skate products that it can be hard to carry everything but we want you to be able to get what you want!  

How does it help everyone?
Purchasing delayed shipment items helps us grow and with us being such a small operation every little bit counts and we do truly appreciate it!

How does the Delayed Shipping Coupon work? 

  • Order items that have the delayed shipping badge.  Coupon values are notated on the item's sale page.
    • Sometimes we provide this option on specific sizes, so be sure to keep an eye on menu options.  
  • Once the products are shipped; you'll be sent a tracking number, which you'll also see on your package once it arrives.
  • Use the tracking number as a coupon code on your next order (note, coupons cannot be stacked or combined with other offers).
  • The balance will then be adjusted!
Contact us, if your code isn't working or you have any questions.  The code is valid for one year!