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Them Skates 909 White w Intuition v2 Skate Liner - Oak City Inline Skate Shop

Them Skates 909 White w Intuition v2 Skate Liner

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*** this version 909 comes with the aftermarket V2 Skate liner Intuition and is slightly thinner**

Jon Julio has been pushing the industry for decades and after years of hard work he's been able to release his own mold!


  • New 909 Shell designed to be more durable and offer a more stable base
  • 2 Way adjustable cuff position to customize responsiveness
  • Them Souls v2
  • Designed by Jon Julio and Kyle Sola
  • Same sizing as most recent versions 908
  • Stock liner with neoprene toe box and plastic enforced tongue
  • ALSO AVAILABLE: Them x Intuition Liner Collaboration in all Black

Them Sizing:

  • XS 5/6us 
  • Small 7/8us
  • Medium 9/10us
  • Large 11/12us