MasterBlade High Low Aggressive Skate Frame
MasterBlade High Low Aggressive Skate Frame
MasterBlade High Low Aggressive Skate Frame
MasterBlade High Low Aggressive Skate Frame
MasterBlade High Low Aggressive Skate Frame

MasterBlade High Low Aggressive Skate Frame

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The Masterblade HighLow frame was designed as an alternative to all of the tall aggressive frames on the market. This design allows for the use of a fast rolling flat setup without sacrificing frame height or h block width. The aluminum cores provide a rigid and responsive ride while the replaceable delrin sidewalls and h block allow for fast grinding. After the initial investment in one of these setups riders will be able to replace sidewalls and h blocks at a fraction of the cost of a complete frame set.

WARNING:  In order to ride these frames most skate boots will need wheel well modifications for the outer wheels to spin freely. This involves removing material from the heel and toe of the skate above the highest point of the outer wheels above the frames. Just over 4mm of clearance above the outer wheels is recommended if riding 60mm outers so that the wheels do not rub against the souls/boot. We are not responsible if you damage your skates or hurt yourself from attempting this mod or from using these frames.


  • Small: 255mm wheelbase
  • Large: 270mm wheelbase
  • Standover Height-60mm Wheels: 56mm
  • Wheels: recommend 60mm/47mm or 58mm/45mm
  • Cores: CNC Machined 6061 T6 Aluminum
  • Sidewalls: CNC Machined Delrin (all sidewalls are symmetrical, interchangeable, and replaceable)
  • H block: CNC Machined Delrin (h blocks are symmetrical, interchangeable, and replaceable)
  • *Note: Frames will be shipping with our updated silver axle hardware


Why are these so expensive?

A pair of these frames is comprised of 8 separate parts aside from hardware. 2 CNC machined aluminum cores, 6 CNC machined delrin sidewalls and h blocks and hardware. These components are individually extremely expensive to make especially at these small quantities and at such high precision and tolerances. Additionally, these frames are produced in small batch runs so the price to produce is quite high.

What wheels should I use?

You will need to find some outer and inner wheels that share a similar profile as well as a 13mm difference in diameter (60-47, or 58-45). I have found that pairing a square profile outer wheel works well with most antis. We are also working on developing a rounded profile 47mm wheel which should work with most 60mm outer wheels. You could also ride a 60mm outer with 45mm antis for an antirocker setup that would eventually wear flat. The main point is to avoid riding a round or bullet profile outer wheel with a square profile inner, this will cause the outer wheels to lift off the ground when pushing or cornering. Feel free to contact me via the form on this website for specific wheel combinations I’ve found to work.

Can I ride flat with urethane anti-rockers as middle wheels?

As someone who has skated the GC hilo frame flat for the last 10+ years riding soft urethane outer wheels with 101A antis flat, I can say that I’ve never personally had an issue with riding flat on this setup. It has always felt extremely fast and solid plus I’ve always really liked the extra wide H block space you get when riding this sort of setup. The argument can also be made that having a the hard middle wheels can translate to faster skating as they contribute to the overall stiffness of the chassis and transfer energy more efficiently than a softer wheel.

When should I replace the sidewalls/hblock?

These frames are designed in such a way that the aluminum cores should see virtually no wear from grinding. Additionally since the sidewalls and h blocks are symmetrical and interchangeable users can swap sidewalls around in order to maximize wear life of the frames. When these components begin to wear close to the aluminum cores it is time to replace them. 

Will you be producing more of these frames in the future?

It is possible that there will be future runs of these frames if there’s enough interest. For now I will gauge if this is feasible from how this initial run performs.