Kizer Fluid V - Stock Enin II Edition
Kizer Fluid V - Stock Enin II Edition
Kizer Fluid V - Stock Enin II Edition
Kizer Fluid V - Stock Enin II Edition

Kizer Fluid V - Stock Enin II Edition

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Kizer Fluid V Antirocker frame with UFS mounting, fitting 4x61mm wheels in a flat set up.

  • Sometimes we do customs, which leaves us with bits of a previously complete skate, so this is a stock part from a USD Eugen Enin II Pro skate. 
  • UFS mounting hardware not included 
  • Most recent Kizer Fluid model 
  • NOTICE: Sometimes we have noticed axles are imperfect (you can see an example in the photos) so you might want to buy a few Kizer replacement axles

Wheel base:

  • Small - 250mm
  • Large - 270mm

KIZER – EVERYONE'S FRAMED and here's what they have to say about themselves:

Kizer has been at the forefront of frame technology since its very first aftermarket UFS frames back in 1999. Through the years it has never ceased to innovate and create brand new concepts not only in frames but also in hardware. In 2011 Kizer takes a giant leap in innovation once more.
We find that the current state of frame technology is far from ideal. Skaters buy a frame which is “ok” for most types of skating and modify it to get as close to what they want as they can. At Kizer we felt it was our duty to do something about this situation. We decided to make the perfect frames exclusively for Freestyle skating, Anti-Rocker skating and for Flat setups.
In effect, The Kizer 2011 project can be defined as us taking all the best elements of our previous years' collections and perfecting each frame for a specific style of skating – but that is not all;
Kizer has taken the biggest step in innovation to happen in years in our sport. Fully supporting the new evolution of inline it has created 2 brand new Powerblading frame models, therefore becoming the first frame company to offer enhanced Freeskate/Urban frames designed to withstand the Power of an aggressive skater, one of the most exciting evolutions of the sport in recent years.
We are proud to present our brand new and entirely modified frame collection for 2011.
Kizer – Everyone's Framed.