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Go Project bearings - Nitride - Oak City Inline Skate Shop
Go Project bearings - Nitride - Oak City Inline Skate Shop
Go Project bearings - Nitride - Oak City Inline Skate Shop
Go Project bearings - Nitride - Oak City Inline Skate Shop

Go Project bearings - Nitride

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  • Sold 8 bearings in a set (for 4 wheels)
  • Bearings spacers (for use between your bearings) are sold separately.

  • The goal, when engineering bearings; is to try and produce the 'ball bearing' component so that it is as round and as hard as possible. Silicon Nitride is a form of ceramic which is more than 50% harder than steel. By making the ball-bearings out of this material the Go Project Nitride bearings can achieve the following benefits when compared to traditional skate bearings:
    • 80% less friction between the balls and the races
    • Increased bearing life by up to 10x
    • The smoother bearing surface produces less vibration and less fatigue for the skater

    The bearing races are made from steel, which is the most suitable material for everyday skating (ceramic is not dense enough and can fracture especially under sudden force).

    Go Project does not use the ABEC scale to rate bearings due to it’s irrelevance to the specific forces imposed by skating. However, the Nitride Bearings pass as an ABEC 9 by normal industry standards.  These bearings fit all regular skate wheels.

    At Go Project they believe that blading is blading, regardless of how you like to do it. Go Project hardware is designed to the highest quality for advanced skaters. We make products specifically for rollerblading, with focus on wheels and bearings. Go Project is based in the United Kingdom

    At Go Project wain component responsible for the grip, durability and rebound is the outer ‘tyre’. Our urethane compound has been formulated with the highest understanding of wheel chemistry

    Precision – The hub of the wheel is manufactured with incredible precision so that your bearings, spacers and wheels work together with maximum efficiency. Use with Go Project bearings and spacers for the most energy efficient roll.

    Bond – The smallest disconnection between the hub and the tyre can greatly affect the wheel’s performance. Our urethane is designed to hug our hub tight and never let go.

     We don’t list a durometer (hardness) because there are too many variations between different wheel manufacturers and compounds to make this relevant as a universal measurement. The wheel is softer than an aggressive wheel and harder than a normal recreational wheel. Combined with the small core this gives a fast ride with plenty of rebound.