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Go Project 56mm Wheel (4pk) - Oak City Inline Skate Shop
Go Project 56mm Wheel (4pk) - Oak City Inline Skate Shop
Go Project 56mm Wheel (4pk) - Oak City Inline Skate Shop

Go Project 56mm Wheel (4pk)

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  • Sold 4 in a set
  • Actual diameter ~ 55.67mm

The Go Project 56mm wheel is designed with street skating in mind. Smaller and harder than other (outer) wheels this is something a little different from Go Project, still in our signature grey urethane. The 56mm wheel has a rounded profile for the modern day aggressive skater.

While Go Project does not give a durometer (hardness rating) for their wheels, the Go Project 56mm wheels are a little harder than their usual urethane. 

Go Project's real forte comes with the SMOOTHNESS of the ride. Their signature grey urethane is velvety in it's composition and wears to a silky creamy texture. We've now discontinued our white wheels in favour of the grey urethane which was offering better wear and consistency. 


Go Project spent the best part of a year getting the hub materials locked in. Their newer hub (since 2018) has not experienced any issues with fracturing and they managed to fully extract the colour pigmentation out of the core this time leaving us with a stronger hub material. Go Project also changed the way the hub is bonded to the urethane 'tyre' so the wheel is now more resistant to de-coring.

The Go Project 60mm wheel mould was created from scratch for this project meaning that this compound / size / profile combination is not repeated by any other manufacturers in the industry. 

It's important for bearing spacers to be exactly the same length as the inside-core of the wheel. This is why we recommend you use Go Project spacers. 

At Go Project they believe that blading is blading, regardless of how you like to do it:

Go Project hardware is designed to the highest quality for advanced skaters. We make products specifically for rollerblading, with focus on wheels and bearings. Go Project is based in the United Kingdom

At Go Project wain component responsible for the grip, durability and rebound is the outer ‘tyre’. Our urethane compound has been formulated with the highest understanding of wheel chemistry

Precision – The hub of the wheel is manufactured with incredible precision so that your bearings, spacers and wheels work together with maximum efficiency. Use with Go Project bearings and spacers for the most energy efficient roll.

Bond – The smallest disconnection between the hub and the tyre can greatly affect the wheel’s performance. Our urethane is designed to hug our hub tight and never let go.

 We don’t list a durometer (hardness) because there are too many variations between different wheel manufacturers and compounds to make this relevant as a universal measurement. The wheel is softer than an aggressive wheel and harder than a normal recreational wheel. Combined with the small core this gives a fast ride with plenty of rebound.