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GAWDS Boxer Short - Oak City Inline Skate Shop
GAWDS Boxer Short - Oak City Inline Skate Shop

GAWDS Boxer Short

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  • All black fabric with white Gawds logo 
  • elastic waistband 
  • 100% cotton

"Founded by legendary pro skater Franky Morales, all GAWDS wheels are poured in the United States in collaboration with the world's leading manufacturer, offering only the best and most durable wheels on the market.  GAWDS means only the highest quality.

GAWDS products strike the right balance between old school blading heritage and modern streetwear trends. GAWDS wants to be different, wants to stand out and not be another wheel brand, we have lots of stuff coming and we are focused to grow the brand step by step.

GAWDS aims to continue on from the legacy of companies such as Senate and Mindgame and take blading back to old school glory days.