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A Constant Suicide by Brian Krans (Book 1) - Oak City Inline Skate Shop

A Constant Suicide by Brian Krans (Book 1)

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The novel that launched Brian Krans's career, "A Constant Suicide."  Directly from the back of the book:

Image. Sin. Suicide. Blame. College isn't all kegs and eggs. Chris feels like a loser. He's sick of his Catholic high school life of obedience and order. He goes to college craving something else, but knows he won't find it on his own. The socially adept Ethan takes Chris under his wing, sharing basement revelry traditions and introducing him to campus terrorism, with a few hundred-dollars' worth of innocent fish as victims. Everything seems fine until Ethan puts a gun in his mouth sophomore year. Chris has to find out why the envy of so many chose suicide as his way out. He won't like the answers. Part-memoir, part-fiction, this portrayal of the underside of campus life intertwines sarcasm and skepticism to define a culture seeking the never-ending party.
Released by Rock Town Press in May 2007. This printed book is 100% American made.

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