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50/50 Wheel 60mm 90a - Oak City Inline Skate Shop

50/50 Wheel 60mm 90a

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50/50's 60mm wheel; hard and fast. Featuring an exclusive profile designed for the optimal balance of speed and slide. 60mm to fit all sizes of Balance frames as well as most other low profile frames on the market. The 90a hardness provides a more durable ride focused on long lasting performance.

Sold in packs of 4, but we highly recommended you ride them flat. They pair beautifully with the Guy Crawford 72mm/88a Compass wheel if that’s your thing.  Also works great when paired with softer wheels on the outside to reduce wheel bite and increase longevity. 

About 50/50:

50/50 was started in 1994 with one focus, make skating better. Their first product was the 50/50 Grindplate, a mix of plastic and metal to make grinds easier. They evolved the grindplate design until realizing the frame could become the grindplate. This created the aftermarket frame market, a replacement for the frames that came on your skates that made skating better.

Supporting 50/50 allows you to support a company that has evolved over time, showing their ongoing commitment to the blading community.  Team riders include Stefan Brandow, Scotty Crawford, Sacha Lopez, Sascha Reichert, Matt Lyon, Jon Fromm, Jon Cooley, Chad Tannehill, Cesar Ceballos and Brent Trinidad.