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50/50 Balance Frame - Red - Oak City Inline Skate Shop
50/50 Balance Frame - Red - Oak City Inline Skate Shop
50/50 Balance Frame - Red - Oak City Inline Skate Shop

50/50 Balance Frame - Red

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Introducing the Red Balance Frame by 50/50. These frames are designed to be the most solid ride possible. They’ve got a low profile and a nice pre-grooved split making them perfect fresh out of the box.

Now with the v2 Balance Frame, you can ride up to 65mm wheels on the outside (with proper soul plates). The mounting channel has been reduced to 38mm to fit all skates. 50/50 has updated the frame bolts to be a bit shorter to avoid pushing through the boots.

Included in the box:

  • 2 frames
  • 4 Juice Blocks
  • 8 axles
  • 16 frame spacers
  • 6 UFS frame bolts (2 extra just in case)
  • 50/50 Logo Labels (while supplies last) 

    Tech Specs:

    • 58mm max wheel size inside
    • 60mm max wheel size outside (65mm with proper soul plates)
    • 95mm split between 2 and 3
    • 8mm axle diameter
    • 256g weight per frame, no hardware

    Since 50/50 is based out of Raleigh, North Carolina, we are able to participate in product testing (yep, Long is in this video!):

      About 50/50:

      50/50 was started in 1994 with one focus, make skating better. Their first product was the 50/50 Grindplate, a mix of plastic and metal to make grinds easier. They evolved the grindplate design until realizing the frame could become the grindplate. This created the aftermarket frame market, a replacement for the frames that came on your skates that made skating better.

      Supporting 50/50 allows you to support a company that has evolved over time, showing their ongoing commitment to the blading community.  Team riders include Stefan Brandow, Scotty Crawford, Sacha Lopez, Sascha Reichert, Matt Lyon, Jon Fromm, Jon Cooley, Chad Tannehill, Cesar Ceballos and Brent Trinidad.