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MyFit Footies - Oak City Inline Skate Shop
MyFit Footies - Oak City Inline Skate Shop

MyFit Footies

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  • For inline skating and roller derby
  • Prevention of blisters & pressure points plus more comfort & grip 
  • Vegan 
  • Size attribute 
    • M (37-40), L (40-43), XL (43-46) 
  • Upper material Neoprene made in Japan, 2mm 
  • Inside or bottom material - Lycra 
  • Cushion material - None 
  • Heel support - Medium 
  • Midfoot support - None 
  • Stiffness - Medium 
  • Comfort - Medium 

Are you looking for a better fit in your skates? Maybe a more comfortable fit? Are you getting tons of blisters and have absolutely no clue what to do?

These MY FIT footies might be exactly what you need!  

The Lycra material adds a little extra padding and and helps protect your foot from the major friction areas that arise from long periods of time on your skates.  This model is too thin to add any extra support alone but by decreasing the available internal space you should encounter a more snug and supportive fit!

Many top fitness skaters choose to use footies in lieu of socks!